Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

About the impossibility of taking outfit pictures.

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Dress - Zara / Shoes - Express / Sunnies - Vintage / Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

EN// It is not easy to take outfit pictures. 
First of all you need an outfit. And let's be honest and face the truth: No matter how fashionable you are - there are days when you just throw on whatever feels comfortable or when you are in such a hurry that you grab an easy dress that does not require lots of accessories. Which was the case on that very day these pictures were taken. I was late for work and almost everything was waiting for me to find the time to finally do my laundry. So I grabbed this dress. Which first of all is not my usual style because it is red. Just as a reminder: Red is a real color. I don't like wearing real colors. I like black. And white and grey and nude. But then again it is summer and it was on sale. Secondly, it is too short for work. There have been pretty strict clothing guidelines especially in my lovely department. But it was a friday, again I was late and maybe I had reached the point where I did not care anymore
The second problem after sporting an acceptable look is to find someone who degrades him- or herself to take pictures of you and your more-or-less cool outfit. This was easy because one of my friends developed a real interest in my blog and in addition to that has a very helpful personality. 
The third and biggest issue is the ability to look somewhat good in the pictures. Of course the photographer has to find the right angle and light settings (which makes it difficult if you are 'using' friends instead of real photographers). But the most important and impossible thing at the same time is the model. And that is you. Although one may not look like a model and never wanted to be one - you have to strike a pose. For me this is the most ridiculous thing ever. Posing on a street with strangers looking at you weirdly. Because you behave like a total weirdo. But sometimes you are lucky and the pictures turn out great. With a cool look on your face, a cute smile, a perfect fitting dress and highlighted beautiful make up. Sometimes. With a little luck.
But not this time. Absolute fail. 
However, just keep laughing. 

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  1. I think you look great in the pictures, the dress looks amazing on you. Cover up with sunglasses is what i do when i have a bad-photo-day - always works :-) xxx

  2. You look cute ! Nice outfit !


  3. I know that feel. But for me is worst since I have no-one to take my pics... nobody in my family wants to help so I have to put my camera somewhere were it won't move, use the timer and run... and even if I shoot in my roof top, I always have the feeling my neighbors are watching me or thinking I'm taking pictures of them :D

    Lu | The Ankalli Style

  4. Ich finde du siehst super aus und kannst ruhig öfter eine "richtige" Farbe tragen. Das Kleid steht dir einfach toll. Die Outfitfotos mögen nicht "perfekt" sein, aber ich finde genau das macht sie noch besser und sympathischer als "perfekte" Bilder :)

  5. ohhh das Kleid sieht mega gut aus. Steht dir aber auch ;)

    Lg, Jules von today is ...

  6. Im gesamten eine Situation die die meisten Blogger kennen. Du siehst aber wirklich toll aus! Das Kleid ist wunderschön :-)

  7. das kleid ist ein traum, gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. und dir steht es mit deiner blonden mähne perfekt. :) lg


  8. Also Farbe steht dir großartig, das Rot ist toll!!
    Alles Liebe

  9. Ach, schei* auf KLeidungsvorschriften ;)
    Das kleid steht dir super gut!


  10. kann mich mit den 3 Punkten sehr gut identifizieren ;) Wenn meine Schwester in Ferien ist dann ist 2) mein Hauptproblem ;)
    Find das Kleid, trotz realer Farbe aber sehr schön an dir, vielleicht sollte ich auch mal wagen was mit 'ner richtigen Farbe zu tragen :)

    X Claude

  11. hahaha strike a pose, finde ich auch immer ganz schlimm, man fühlt sich dabei soo blöd lol


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